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Jack D. Gibbs, Jr.

Jack D. Gibbs, Jr.

CPA and Wealth Management Advisor

Jack D. Gibbs, Jr, CPA and Wealth Management Advisor, was born and raised in the Chicago area and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with degrees in Accountancy and Sociology. He began his career with Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young LLP). Seeing a need for personalized planning services he founded "Fortress Financial Group, LLC" in 1993. Along with his partner Jennifer, business grew and the couple moved to Chicago's lively Lincoln Square neighborhood to begin raising their family.
A trip to the West Coast inspired a life-changing exploration, and the Gibbs relocated to Ashland, Oregon in 2007. "Moving to a completely new community was exciting, but knowing that we could continue to serve our clients well was a critical part of our decision. Thankfully, our business has grown, which is a testament to the premium service we offer our widely dispersed clients. Regardless of our physical location, we can still maintain robust and effective relationships and visit clients as needed." With a larger office, new staff members and more time to focus on client needs, Jack is excited about the future. Says Jack, "We love our clients dearly and greatly appreciate the responsibility to help them navigate the ups and downs of life, while building and maintaining their financial health along the way."
While it's true that financial discipline can help people lead healthier and more productive lives, Jack approaches each situation with energy, optimism and realism. "It's necessary to make educated choices and find a healthy balance between the future and the present." As a CPA with a keen sense for minimizing tax exposure, Jack feels that exploiting opportunities allowed by the tax rules enhances portfolio performance and is a major ingredient for long term success. "If you can build or protect wealth in ways that can substantially reduce or eliminate taxes, why wouldn't you do so?" "Too often", says Jack, "people are unaware of the opportunities out there -- we make it our mission to help make people aware."
With a passion for helping people navigate the ever-changing tax and financial environment, Jack greatly respects his role as a "personal CFO" for his people. "My role as advisor is often about education but also about the subjective factors ... (and) this really helps me serve people better." As a fiduciary, Jack’s highest priority is to always serve client needs to the best of his ability. "Openness, honesty and confidentiality builds trust and allegiance, which is the foundation for our existence. I think we differ from others in how we relate to our clients, and how we act as an advocate available around the clock as needed. That, and our vast expertise in the tax planning realm provides our clients distinct advantages beyond the typical wealth advisor."
When not helping clients, Jack greatly cherishes time with his family and friends and enjoys the nearby mountains, rivers, lakes and trails. Jack served as the President of the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce and has been Treasurer of The Siskiyou School since 2009. He likes to play soccer, basketball and volleyball and would like to golf, sail, fish, surf and mushroom hunt more often. Jack's family thinks he is a good chef but he enjoys eating out and also supporting the local music, art, film, wine and brew here in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.
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